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What is your wearable really tracking? How are API trends involved?

Wearbles & IoT

From wearable tech, medical sensors, smart home, connected cars, IoT is growing fast, and whether you are fully engaged in the movement or feeling like Big Brother is watching, it has become an unstoppable force. 

Timeline: History of IoT

Ericsson and Cisco have made some bold predictions – more than 50 billion connected devices by 2020, an IoE economic impact of $19 trillion... Where did IoT come from? How did it start and what is the history of IoT?

Download History of IoT infographic



The power of APIs

1 (external) API, 5 platforms, 1,500 Developer Integrations

So how do these wearables work, what is the process behind it? How do these API trends work? We took Jawbone as an example. Take a look at the whole ecosystem displayed in this infographic. It's not data in a “straight line” going from where it is generated to where it is recorded. It's building data upon data upon data, creating more value with every turn of the virtuous cycle.

Download Free Power of APIs infographic 

For more on the benefits of public APIs read here



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