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Take away from CES 2017

By Stefan Rust January 12, 2017

As Bitcoin blew past the $1,000 mark (it's since come back to $900) CES kicked off in Las Vegas. 

5 reasons why the app economy still matters

By Stefan Rust October 14, 2016

1. The next 2B

By 2015 2.5B mobile users had smartphones. By 2020 there'll be 5B smartphone..

You can use VR apps to promote almost anything!

By Stephany July 6, 2016

What would come to mind if you'd been asked to promote a ferris wheel?

Facebook leading the way in Mobile disruption

By Stefan Rust March 31, 2016


After digesting some of the insights from Barcelona during Mobile World Congress, it's..

Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2016

By Stefan Rust March 17, 2016

After sitting out last year, I attempted the pilgrimage back to MWC this year.


UBS Innovative Disruptive Technology CEO Summit

By Stefan Rust March 11, 2016

Cloud has brought down the cost of computing. It has also allowed technology to be made..

The cost of doing nothing in technology

By Cat Purvis October 29, 2015

“Never change a winning formula” - isn’t that what we were always told?

As far as my Mum’s lasagne..

The watch is Dead! Long live the Apple Watch!

By Cat Purvis September 9, 2015

Apple’s doing it again - taking a product and reinventing it. 

Pre-Apple it was the PC, then it..


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