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What's a partner programme? And what's a developer program?

By Cat Purvis November 11, 2016

The word “partner” is used relatively prolifically these days so we wanted to try to clarify the..

6 key mobile app objectives

By Cat Purvis June 8, 2016

Set your objectives

People often have a very clear idea of exactly the kind of features that..

Outsourced development or in-house developers?

By Cat Purvis May 25, 2016

This argument has been going on for a while and there are numerous stories out there about the..

10 surefire ways NOT to do mobile

By Cat Purvis April 12, 2016

I love a good mobile app, I use about 10-20 productivity apps every day and am constantly..

If building an app was like building a house - (video)

By EXICON November 12, 2015

House-building and App-building really isn’t very different, its a very similar process and to the..

How to find the best app developers - easily

By Cat Purvis November 11, 2015

You’ve decided that you need that app, the one that is going to change your life.

You’ve checked..

Building smartwatch apps for christmas; Apple watch is killin' it!

By Stefan Rust August 28, 2015

After 2 weeks whizzing across multiple cities in Europe, one thing really stood out. Nearly..

No more app failures: Protecting my brand in mobile.

By Cat Purvis August 13, 2015

The impact of not taking care of your assets properly - protecting my brand in mobile

The last..

Why is Mobile Relationship Management so important to enterprise?

By Cat Purvis August 13, 2015

Apps are a complicated business with lots of moving parts.


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