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"Le chat" bots - leverage the hottest technology of 2017 in business

By Mihails Butorins May 10, 2017

In 1950, in his famous book, "I. Robot" Isaac Asimov defined three main rules of the robots that..

What are chat bots used for?

By Cat Purvis February 21, 2017

A chatbot is a service, which uses rules and artificial intelligence (hmm, not convinced, some..

Building a chat bot? The top messaging platforms

By Eleanor Cherry February 21, 2017

Chat bots are on the rise and developers are releasing new chat bots every day on different..

Why are chat bots important?

By Eleanor Cherry February 20, 2017

More people interact with messaging apps now, than social media apps.

Chatbots, particularly on..

What is a chat bot?

By Eleanor Cherry February 20, 2017

Image credit: "MIT Medialab robots" (CC BY 2.0) by  nicolasnova 


You've heard the buzz, the..

How much does a chatbot cost? How much does an app cost?

By EXICON September 21, 2016

Exicon's Calc is the first step to making your app or chat bot idea a reality.




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