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Digital transformation, AI and Platforms; Nuggets from WEF in Davos

By Stefan Rust January 25, 2017

It's all about the platform.

Developers engage with your tools, or as the industry calls them..

Facebook leading the way in Mobile disruption

By Stefan Rust March 31, 2016


After digesting some of the insights from Barcelona during Mobile World Congress, it's..

Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2016

By Stefan Rust March 17, 2016

After sitting out last year, I attempted the pilgrimage back to MWC this year.


The History of IoT - The Evolution

By EXICON July 30, 2015

By the end of the year, a reported 40% of the world's software developers will be working on..

Move Over SaaS, AaaS is Here!

By EXICON July 22, 2015

As our tech world continues to evolve, apps now drive more than 50% of all time spent on Digital.

Signs That You're Veering from Good API Design

By Phil July 22, 2015

Every developer sets out to make their REST API perfect when they start writing it, but, at least..

What is your wearable really tracking? How are API trends involved?

By EXICON July 22, 2015

From wearable tech, medical sensors, smart home, connected cars, IoT is growing fast, and..

What Is an API Proxy?

By Elizabeth Loennborn July 21, 2015

When friends ask about my work at Exicon, it's easy for them to understand how marketing..

AP...What? What is an API?

By Stefan Rust July 20, 2015

The World Wide Web is full of acronyms that, many times, we use so often and freely we forget..


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