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Buying into Big Data

By EXICON May 9, 2016


The internet of things and the proliferation of devices is creating huge amounts of data. Data..

The Global Alert app is cleaning our waterways

By Cat Purvis April 28, 2016

Global alert app, designed to clean up trash hotspots, is highlighted in Times square, New York


6 Key Objectives behind Mobile Workflow Management

By Stefan Rust April 27, 2016

1. Anyone should be able to build an app

Whether for your smartphone, watch, glasses and or even..

When bad apps become a branding nightmare

By Stefan Rust April 25, 2016

The Government of Hong Kong had a bad day last week, a nice big article on the fact that they..

10 surefire ways NOT to do mobile

By Cat Purvis April 12, 2016

I love a good mobile app, I use about 10-20 productivity apps every day and am constantly..

Facebook leading the way in Mobile disruption

By Stefan Rust March 31, 2016


After digesting some of the insights from Barcelona during Mobile World Congress, it's..

So I have an app, now what's mobile app engagement?

By EXICON March 30, 2016

With more than 3 million apps on the top 5 international app stores, you want to make sure your..

Baidu analytics for in-app data in China

By EXICON March 23, 2016

Those of you familiar with the Apps Porfolio in the Digital Portfolio Manager know that we are..


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