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Move Over SaaS, AaaS is Here!

As our tech world continues to evolve, apps now drive more than 50% of all time spent on Digital.

Smartphone sales now exceed 1B devices a year, and apps are driving a technology revolution, moving commerce onto the mobile platform. Naturally, the app industry continues to evolves as well, and a new digital animal is forging ahead: “App as a Service”.

AaaS App as a service emerging as a different model

What is it? In short - it is the new way of building apps... in the cloud, leveraging existing APIs, and code-lite. The result is faster, better apps that do more, track more, and cost less.

To draw on live apps, there are a number of transportation apps that use mapping services, location services, optimization services (picking the closest driver), payment services, and rating and feedback services as some of the underlying technologies. These app developers didn't invent all these services from scratch; instead, they access the features they need through the cloud with API’s. (APIs let apps communicate with other software — requesting data and providing a standard way for that data to be delivered.)

In the standalone App world, managing your app with all its content, marketing automation requirements, and engagement and performance analytics is critical. With App as a Service, managing and tracking API performance and utilization also becomes a critical element.

It's all new and moving very fast. It can be tough to keep up, and especially keep track. This is why Exicon acquired ApiAxle, the api management proxy, and integrated the analytics into the Appboard, our platform to build, manage and promote apps. All your info - all in one place.

You're welcome.

Exicon AppBoard App and API analytics


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