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Increase app downloads by being in the right appstores

By EXICON March 23, 2016

As we have explained before getting your Android app onto multiple stores helps drive downloads...

Site Audit Pro app makes site reporting simple

By EXICON March 18, 2016

Productivity app: Quick and easy reporting on your site inspection visits


Makes site..

ParcelTrack - All your deliveries in one app

By EXICON March 15, 2016

Logistics app: Tracking freight deliveries has never been so easy. 


One App to track all..

CAD pockets app lets you design anytime, anywhere

By EXICON March 11, 2016

This handy productivity app is your brilliant design toolbox.



Create, review and share..

Best Buy app has scanning for search and shopping

By EXICON January 29, 2016

Retail app for easy shopping with Best Buy app



Your shopping assistant for your news,..

Migros app for digital supermarket shopping

By EXICON January 29, 2016

This retail app becomes your digital wallet



Shopping at home, on the go and in the..

The Shopwell app helps you cater for your dietary needs.

By EXICON January 14, 2016

Healthcare app for a smarter way to shop healthily



Make sure the items that you're..

Under Armour MyFitnessPal app tracks your diet without even typing

By EXICON January 14, 2016

Healthcare app to track your calories easily



Take off those extra pounds quickly and..

CareZone app to manage the healthcare needs of your loved ones

By EXICON January 14, 2016

Healthcare app to take care of your family



Manage medications and healthcare for you..


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