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Crack the China app market

By EXICON November 2, 2016

Why distribute to China?

  • Android is the most popular OS among Chinese smartphone users
  • ..

Track app downloads globally

By EXICON October 20, 2016

Get a visual on where your app downloads are happening

Every day thousands of apps are..

How much does a chatbot cost? How much does an app cost?

By EXICON September 21, 2016

Exicon's Calc is the first step to making your app or chat bot idea a reality.



Near Lock - a great app idea for securing your Mac

By EXICON August 5, 2016

A utility app to lock and unlock your Mac automatically.


A fun app idea as well as..

Marumie360VR app promotes the Osaka Wheel, shops & tourist spots!

By EXICON July 12, 2016

Our previous blog talked about promoting an event with VR, now we are introducing the Marumie360VR ..

The Deathride and the T-shirt

By EXICON July 5, 2016
Once upon a time there was a crazily-busy CEO of a Developer platform tech start-up, Exicon.

Moxtra app integrates with your working tools.

By EXICON June 28, 2016

A real-time productivity app for easier team collaboration & communication


An flexible..

MyScript Calculator app - Solve math equations in seconds.

By EXICON June 22, 2016

Productivity app: A fast and simple way to convert your hand writing formulas.




Marsbot app - learn your lifestyle, and become your lifestyle.

By EXICON June 16, 2016

Lifestyle app helps you discover new places by learning what you like



To recommend..


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