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Eleanor Cherry

Building a chat bot? The top messaging platforms

By Eleanor Cherry February 21, 2017

Chat bots are on the rise and developers are releasing new chat bots every day on different..

Why are chat bots important?

By Eleanor Cherry February 20, 2017

More people interact with messaging apps now, than social media apps.

Chatbots, particularly on..

What is a chat bot?

By Eleanor Cherry February 20, 2017

Image credit: "MIT Medialab robots" (CC BY 2.0) by  nicolasnova 


You've heard the buzz, the..

Google Analytics View ID

By Eleanor Cherry October 30, 2015


Puzzled by what a google analytics View ID is? When analyzing your In-App Analytics it is..

Google Play Developer ID & iTunes Vendor ID

By Eleanor Cherry October 23, 2015

How do I  find my iTunes Vendor ID and Google Play Developer ID details?


How do I find my iTunes..

Still wondering Apps vs Web? Apps are killing Mobile Web

By Eleanor Cherry September 22, 2015

Business Insider just released a great chart, which I hope they don't mind me reproducing here,..

Mobile Data for business with the AppBoard

By Eleanor Cherry July 22, 2015

You spoke – we listened.

You wanted to see all your App information and data in one place? Well,..


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