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Cat Purvis

Build an app in line with your User’s Journey

By Cat Purvis August 20, 2015

A user journey is typically a series of steps which represent how a user interacts with your..

No more app failures: Protecting my brand in mobile.

By Cat Purvis August 13, 2015

The impact of not taking care of your assets properly - protecting my brand in mobile

The last..

Why is Mobile Relationship Management so important to enterprise?

By Cat Purvis August 13, 2015

Apps are a complicated business with lots of moving parts.

Checklist: Key Steps for Managing an App

By Cat Purvis August 5, 2015


I am assuming that those of you reading this already have an app/apps. Well done for picking..

Getting in front of mobile users when everyone is in the same appstore

By Cat Purvis August 5, 2015

On Friday night after work, as you slowly inch your way towards the checkout counter, you could..

6 Key challenges when companies go mobile

By Cat Purvis August 4, 2015

The 6 things you should consider when companies go mobile

It seemed so easy when you decided to..

What is an app worth? The Power of a Great Enterprise App

By Cat Purvis August 3, 2015

People often ask us "Why do companies build mobile apps?" and "What is an app worth for..

Running your hotel from the cloud(s) - trends in enterprise apps

By Cat Purvis July 30, 2015

The word hotel conjures up a number of images in my mind - from charm, service and comfort to..


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